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Date Published: Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The King James Bible Symposium 2011 – the people, the language, the effect
14th May 2011

The Symposium, at Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford, was a great success and the three excellent lectures from the Symposium have now been posted on-line.

We are in a very different world from the one that the KJV was introduced into and its words have inspired, motivated and consoled people in the English speaking world through every twist and turn, from there and then to here and now.

The King James Authorised Version came just in time to be read by Tyndale's plough boy. Over the past 400 years as literacy has increased and the English language has spread around the world, it has probably had a greater influence on men and events than any other book.

A scholarly celebration of the 400th Anniversary of our beloved King James Authorised Version of the Holy Bible was held at Harris Manchester College at the University of Oxford on the Fourteenth of May, 2011. The three lectures by the Revd. Professor Alister McGrath, Professor Jonathan Bate, CBE and Professor John Tanner are available to view at:


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