400 days until 400 years!

Date Published: Friday, 27 November 2009

There are now 400 days left until 2011 begins. 2011 will mark the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible's translation and publication.

The King James Bible Trust, chaired by Frank Field, is hard at work building up a programme of events to see this momentous event of national significance adequately celebrated. The Trust aims to see 400 events planned to celebrate 400 years.

The King James Bible Trust, with its Trustees, are also working on core projects which will be made available to all on its website. These include:

- education projects for schools. Resources focussing on the King James Bible will be built to support teachers in delivering the national curriculum.

- the Bush Bible which in association with the Bush Theatre in West London is seeking to commission an modern artistic response to the 72 books of the Bible, be they plays, poems or prose.

- James: a Community Opera is a project building on the success of the Chester Mystery Plays which aims to produce a musical focussing on the life of King James.

Frank Field said: "The Trust aims to bring alive the immeasurable impact that the King James Bible has had throughout the English speaking world. It has become the DNA of our English language. Our aim for 2011 is to encourage as many people as possible to celebrate the translation's birthday."

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