Website developments

Date Published: Friday, 28 August 2009

There are some exciting new developments to the 2011 website that we hope you will like. The full text of the KJV is now available to search and read right here on the site.

This is soon to be complimented by something very special, a scanned in copy of an original 1611 bible that you will be able to leaf through.

We have a map plotting the 2011 events around the country in the diary we know about so far. We very much hope to fill this up with markers, our target is 400, so if you are planning to do something to mark 2011 do let us know.  

Shakespeare and the King James Version are arguably the main influences on the development of English language. Test your knowledge in our quiz Bible or Bard.

Or, you can join Rod Liddle as he documents the Bible Revolution, with video kindly courtesy of Pioneer Productions.

And there's plenty more on the way!


David - King James Bible Trust

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