Exodus or Revelations: What Have the Celebrations of the Translation of the Bible Achieved This Year?

Monday, 10 October 2011
Time: 9.30am-6.30pm
Location: Cumberland Lodge, The Great Park, Windsor, Berkshire, United Kingdom
Organisation: Cumberland Lodge
Topic: Bible


The 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James version of the Bible is being celebrated throughout 2011 on stage, radio and television, in print and at conferences, and notably of course within Christian churches and institutions around the world. Is there anything else to say? More particularly, what if anything has been achieved by all this attention?

The biggest question may not be about the past four hundred years, but about how the Bible, the most widely selling publication of all time, will fare in the next four centuries. Is it to undercut its spiritual significance and its place in the lives of people of faith to teach it in schools as a work of literature, perhaps the consummate expression of the English language? How can we expect prose of such stature to resonate with future generations reared on the web? What of the competition which KJV faces from modern translations? Are the Bible and secularism compatible and can its place as the foundation stone of society’s values in this country be maintained in a multi-faith society? If people read less in the future, will they give priority to the King James Bible? We bring together educationalists, writers, clergy, sociologists and media people to discuss these issues in a concentrated day of anticipation and reflection.

Speakers include:

Revd. Professor Richard Burridge, Dean, King’s College London

Revd. Robin Griffith-Jones, Master of the Temple

Professor Susan Bassnett, Professor of Comparative Literature, University of Warwick

Penelope Lively, novelist and Booker Prize winner

Lavinia Greenlaw, poet and novelist

Amanda Hopkinson, former Director of the British Centre for Literary Translation

David Edgar, playwright

Registration: Full - £45 Concession - £35

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T: 01784 497 794 E: janis@cumberlandlodge.ac.uk

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