The Glasgow Passion - a modern Passion play

Thursday, 6 October 2011
Time: 2.30pm Schools performance / 7.30pm Public performance
Location: George Square, Glasgow , United Kingdom
Organisation: Cutting Edge Theatre Productions
Topic: Bible


A modern retelling of the story of Jesus. Written by a new Scottish playwright [Rob Drummond] who has used the Bible as his starting point and then looked at the issues and people Jesus would meet if he came to Scotland in 2011.

This is a large scale community play with a few professional actors and musicians from the Glasgow area. It will be performed as an open air production in the heart of the city.

Similar to the Manchester Passion, it seeks to make Jesus relevant to young people today and to make Jesus accessible to a biblically illiterate society - much the same as King James did all those years ago!

Both free events but tickets MUST be ordered from

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