The King James Bible in the Temple Church: Celebrating 400 years, 1611-2011, Choral Evensong

Wednesday, 6 July 2011
Time: 5.45pm
Location: Temple Church, Temple, off Fleet Street, London, United Kingdom
Organisation: The Temple Church
Topic: Bible


Choral Evensong, with the Choirmen of the Temple Church, and Fretwork Consort of Viols.

"If ye love me" - Tallis, Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis - Sumsion in G, "This is the Record of John" - Gibbons, Toccata from Sonata in B-flat - Elgar.

We hear the translations of Coverdale, 1535 (Sumsion), the Geneva Bible, 1557-60 (Tallis and Gibbons) and the King James Bible itself.

Followed by drinks in the Master's Garden. This evening we welcome delegates of the Society of Biblical Literature's International Meeting (at King's College, London), dedicated in part to the celebration of the King James Bible.

Laurence Chaderton (1536-1640), one of the translators, was as a young man Reader of the Temple; by the time of the translation he was the first Master of Emmanuel College Cambridge. He became famous for his courtesy and - as the decades passed - his longevity.

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