KJV400: Celebrating the Bible - Sharing the Word

Wednesday, 15 June 2011 - Saturday, 18 June 2011
Time: Ongoing from 11am on 15 June
Location: St Oswald's Church, Church Street, Oswestry, Shropshire, United Kingdom
Organisation: Parish Church of St Oswald, King & Martyr, Oswestry
Topic: Bible


Remembering that the King James Bible was primarily intended to be read aloud, we will be undertaking a non-stop read-through from Genesis to Revelation, in the church, over a period of about 80 hours. There will be opportunities for 300 people or more to take part and participation will be extended to representatives of all aspects of town life: schools, businesses, traders, local government, public services, uniformed organizations, voluntary organizations, sports clubs, pubs, etc. We hope this endeavour will put St Oswald's at the very heart of the town for three days, and in drawing people together to share the Word in this way it will be an act of mission as much as a celebration.

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