Fiori Musicali perform Biber Mystery Sonatas

Saturday, 11 June 2011
Time: 7.30pm
Location: St Andrew's, Alfriston, East Sussex, United Kingdom
Organisation: Fiori Musicali
Topic: Bible


Fiori Musicali perform Biber Mystery Sonatas
with Readings from King James Bible of 1611 (400th anniversary)

Fiori - one of the UK’s principal providers of baroque and classical music concerts outside London - present some of Biber's fascinating Mystery Sonatas alongside readings from King James Bible of 1611.

Biber, the Nigel Kennedy of his day, wrote his astonishing Mystery Sonatas as musical meditations on the life of the Virgin Mary. From Gabriel's wings to the hammering of nails into Christ's cross these vivid musical depictions are uniquely dramatic. And they will be played on the baroque violin by virtuoso violinist Kerstin Linder-Dewan, who leads the Concerto Brandenburg Orchestra in Berlin. Complementing the vivid musical pictures is the language of the King James Bible. Since its publication 400 years ago this version of the Bible has inspired millions with its poetic use of English, and Fiori will be illuminating Biber's extraordinary music with extracts from this – the most famous book in the English language.

Tickets are available from our Box Office 01327 360931

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