Grace and Truth

Thursday, 26 May 2011 - Sunday, 29 May 2011
Time: Thursday to Sunday 9 to 9
Location: May Street, Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Organisation: May Street Church
Topic: Bible


Grace and Truth

A Flower and artifact Festival in the City Centre of Belfast in a Georgian Church built for a preacher. Henry Cooke spoke out for the truth of the Word of God. The church is nearly 200 years old and the sanctuary space will hold the flower exhibits. The Bible begins in a garden and ends in a city. We hope to bring some of Gods wonderful creation into the city and share some of the wonders of the Word. 

Grace and Truth came by Jesus Christ. The event will be a sample of the Truth and Grace that came to our wee world as a result of the Word being in our language and the living Word changing people who then changed our culture. 

Spoken events and readings will be added to the programme later.

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