Lincoln Diocesan Church Schools Festival

Tuesday, 24 May 2011 - Wednesday, 15 June 2011
Location: Lincoln Cathedral, Minster Yard, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
Organisation: Lincoln Cathedral
Topic: Bible


The production of a children's Bible of 3000 verses taken from the King James Bible, written and illustrated by students in Church Schools in Lincoln Diocese. Their verses and art work will be photographed and printed, bound, and permanently chained to an original oak desk in the Medieval Library, Lincoln Cathedral.

The book will be unchained, used in procession and for readings by the children during the Lincoln Diocesan Church Schools Festival (24 May to 15 June), and again at a cathedral service to mark the 200th anniversary of the National Society for Promoting Religious Education.

Also an exhibition in the Chapter House of the original illustrations for the children's Bible

Admission is included in the cathedral entry fee.

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