Public Reading of the King James Bible from Genesis to Revelation

Sunday, 10 April 2011 - Sunday, 17 April 2011
Time: Start: Sunday 10 April at 12 noon. End: Sunday 17 April at 4 pm.
Location: Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library, The Forum, Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom
Organisation: Surrey Chapel Free Church Norwich, in association with the Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library and other Norwich churches
Topic: Bible


Every book of the King James Bible will be read out loud, from Genesis to Revelation, as much as possible in the 72 hours available (omitting duplicated material in Kings and Chronicles and some sections in Leviticus, Numbers and Ezekiel). The reading will take place during most of the Library opening hours during this period, starting at 12 noon on the Sundays and 9.15 am on the other days. Readers are being nominated by local church leaders and will represent a cross-section of Norwich churches.

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