Quayle Bible Collection

September 2010 - July 2011
Location: Baker University, 618 Eighth St., Baldwin City, Kansas, United States
Organisation: Baker University
Topic: Bible


400 Years of the King James Bible, 1611-2011

It would seem that the perfect recipe for dry writing would be to name a bunch of committees, appoint people who disagree fundamentally on the subject, give them very specific rules for working and encourage them to wrangle over every word and phrase. The King James Bible is the product of just such a process. And yet, it is hardly dry. It is quoted more often than nearly any other book, it is admired for its majesty and is embraced by people with differing biblical understandings.

The Quayle Bible Collection owns several early examples of the King James Bible, including two copies of the 1611 Bible. The current exhibit traces its ancestry from early handwritten manuscripts in Latin through translations into middle and modern English that led up to the King James translation.

Next year, we will examine the influences of this Bible on subsequent translations, literature and popular culture to the present day.

The Quayle Bible Collection is open for visits and tours by appointment by calling 785.594.8414 or e-mailing us at quayle@bakerU.edu

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