The YouTube Bible

YouTube Bible

The YouTube Bible is the King James Bible Trust's ambitious project to create a complete reading of the King James Bible on YouTube. Our readers will comprise of actors, sportsmen and women, musicians, politicians and most importantly ... YOU!

We hope that as many people as possible from around the world will want to contribute a chapter (or several) to our collection.

Here's how you do it . . .

1. Take a look at the chapters we already have and email us at to check your chosen chapter is still available.

2. Find a copy of the reading. You can print a chapter from the University of Michigan website.

3. Record your reading (be as creative as you can) and upload it to YouTube. Remember, one chapter per clip, but you can submit as many clips as you like!

4. Drop us an email to, with a youtube link of your video clip.

5. We'll upload your contribution to our YouTube Bible and then you can watch it on our site!

Happy reading!

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