About the Trust


The aim of the King James Bible Trust was to celebrate the impact the King James (KJV) Bible had on history and on language, particularly in the United Kingdom, but also throughout the English speaking world.

General information

The King James Bible Trust was established to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the King James (KJV) Bible which was completed in 1611. There have been few more important single publications and its impact through history has been colossal.

Overview of what the Trust did

The Trust was hard at work developing projects which included:

  • Commissioning new music and literature.
  • Study days in some cities following James’s route from Scotland to London, focusing on the translation story.
  • Lectures at Oxford and Cambridge, where the translators worked.
  • Developing educational school projects.
  • Publishing new texts.
  • Discussions about similar values in the texts of the world’s major religions.
  • Major exhibitions in London and around the country where the translations were made.
  • Street culture projects.